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Equity Registry Services

Link provides complete registry services, from the initial share issue through to the ongoing trusted maintenance of financial equity records. We provide a range of registry services, streamlined for your convenience and tailored to your particular offering.

After listing, we continue to play an active role in shareholder communications, maintain detailed holder records and provide in-depth reporting. All transactions are fully audited and Link offers you the ability to interrogate your database and use the online Issuer Website to access Register reports 24/7.

Link also acts as your paying agent for dividends, capital payments and other corporate actions where the accurate distribution of payments to and from shareholders is essential. We undertake the calculation and reconciliation of all such payments and help you to comply with your legal and regulatory obligations, including the provision of information to the IRD, your auditors and other regulatory stakeholders.

Link has the capability and expertise to support any subsequent capital raising or corporate action requirements you may have, by way of rights issues, share purchase plans, or via a merger or acquisition. Link can attend to the logistics around shareholder communications, process applications and payments, reconcile the issue and provide comprehensive daily reporting to keep you informed of the progress of the capital raising and thereby well positioned for any strategic action required.

Employee Equity Plan Administration

Employee equity has historically proved to be an excellent means of retaining key staff and motivating your workforce. Link offers a complete employee equity plan administration service incorporating offer management, acceptance processing, the allocation of entitlements and ongoing maintenance of your registry in accordance with plan rules and best practice processing.

The Next Step
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